Econoliser Sterilisers for all meat processing equipment

Econoliser Sterilisers will achieve up to 90% Savings in water usage, energy usage & cost.

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In the meat processing industry, there's a growing need to cut down on water and energy usage while also enhancing the longevity of products on the shelf. That's where Econoliser® technology steps in to address these demands head-on. These sterilisers, an invention of the Econoliser® brand, not only saves significant amounts of water and energy for our customers but also establishes higher benchmarks for cleanliness and hygiene. With Econoliser® Sterilisers, you can expect up to a remarkable 90% reduction in water and energy consumption, along with associated costs.

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Econoliser Sterilisers

Econoliser Sterilisers will achieve up to 90% Savings in water usage, energy usage & cost in meat abattoirs