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Manufacture and Components
These high quality band saws are designed according to EU standard and using stainless steel and the best, most appropriate materials for strength, safety and hygiene. Component selection is paramount to the product quality and suppliers are typically Siemens Motors, Omron Control Components, VDE cable, CE switches and Aviation Connectors.
Design features include independent electric housing, independent wiring harness, brake system (lossless static magnetic field) automatic tensioning, low noise, anti-pinch, access for water jet cleaning, multiple magnetic switched safety and motor overheating protection.

Machine Features
 Simple operation, automatic tension and tension adjustment of saw blade to achieve better cutting and stability, and extend the service life of saw blade.
 Patented wear-resistant guide block can keep the saw blade stable for a longer time, educe vibration,prolong the service life of the saw blade and reduce wastage and increase the weight of products.
 With static non-destructive braking system, the machine can not start when the door is open; during running,when the door is opened, the machine stops immediately, it doesn’t need regular maintenance. Not friction block brake
 Customized Siemens motor with over-heat protection function and Omron control element has high reliability
 Independent electrical box, integrated wiring harness, easy maintenance, VDE cable safety and reliability.
 Whether in use or in cleaning, Saw blades have all-round protection, sliding protection bar with finger anti-pinch function
 The machine is safe to use and includes multiple operator protection measures. The saw is disabled while front door is open for cleaning
 Manufactured from stainless steel and most appropriate materials for durability and hygiene
 The equipment is solid and stable
 Running smoothly,Noise dampened design, reducing noise pollution for operator and environment
 Portioning device can be finely adjusted, good cutting quality
 Easy installation and maintenance, greatly saving maintenance costs
 Easy to clean, no hygienic blind area, can be washed with water, the front door can be opened, the minced meat box is removable, the table can be raised for cleaning
 Ergonomic design that reduces labour intensity