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Bandsaw Blades

Bandsaw Blades

Model: B-BLADE

Part No: 4111000-100

    Product Enquiry

    Kentmaster stocks bandsaw blades made from the finest quality swedish steel to fit all model splitting saws.

    Model – Description

    B-BLADEBandsaw Blades
    BladeBand Saw Blade, 114″ (2896 mm) Long, 3TPI4111000
    BladeBand Saw Blade, 117″ (2972 mm) Long, 3TPI4111020
    BladeBand Saw Blade, 122″ (3099 mm) Long, 3TPI4111030
    BladeBand Saw Blade, 131″ (23327 mm) Long, 3TPI4111100