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Abattoir Equipment Inovative solutions for the Industry

Meat processing is a complex and challenging process that requires specialised equipment that can handle the various stages - from animal stunners to meat grinders and meat saws.

Abattoir and slaughterhouse equipment play an important role in ensuring safety standards during slaughtering and efficient throughput when producing high-quality products for butchers and abattoirs alike.

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Beef meat producing equipment
Beef meat producing equipment




Pork meat producing equipment
Pork meat producing equipment


Ibex meat producing equipment
Ibex meat producing equipment


Sheep and Goat meat producing equipment
Sheep and Goat meat producing equipment


Termet equipment
Termet equipment

TECNA Balancers

TECNA meat producing equipment
TECNA meat producing equipment

Whether you're a new business or you’ve been around a while and are simply looking to upgrade your butcher equipment - Kentmaster Australia is here to provide you with advice and the best machinery in the industry today.

Abattoir Equipment - the Importance of Quality and Safety

Abattoir equipment plays a critical role in the meat processing industry, and as such, quality and safety are of utmost importance.

From stunning and slaughtering to eviscerating and de-boning, each step in the process requires specialised equipment that must be reliable, efficient, and easy to clean.

The use of high-quality abattoir equipment not only ensures the production of safe, wholesome meat products but also improves productivity and profitability for the business.

Overall, abattoir equipment is an essential component of producing high-quality meat products that meet the standards of consumers and regulatory bodies alike.

And when it comes to safety Kentmaster stocks machinery that adheres to the strictest manufacturing standards for the industry.

We also stock a wide range of PPE equipment to ensure the safety of workers throughout the industrial chain all the way down to commercial kitchens and chefs.  So be sure to check out our PPE section on our Homepage.

Here at Kentmaster Australia, we have years of experience in the field and stock the finest machinery in the fields of:

Top-quality abattoir equipment provides the infrastructure necessary for the preparation, processing, and packaging of meat products.

From stunning to dressing, to further processing and packaging, specific abattoir equipment is designed to ensure all meats are handled with care, precision, and hygiene.

Given the strict regulations surrounding meat production, it is vital that abattoir equipment is designed and maintained to the highest standards to meet the expectations of consumers, government agencies, and meat suppliers alike.

Kentmaster Australia has a track record of supplying premium equipment. By investing in high-quality abattoir equipment, as a meat processor you improve the efficiency and productivity of your operations while ensuring products are of the highest quality, safe for consumers and compliant with all applicable regulations.

Compared to manual processing, abattoir equipment performs tasks such as skinning, deboning, and cutting meat with precision and speed, and therefore reduces wastage and increases yields, resulting in cost savings for your meat processing business.

Here at Kentmaster, we strive to be the best and stock the best and have a track record of keeping our customers for a very long time. So check out our stock today through our easy-to-use site and find a solution!