5-10th May we are on BEEF WEEK Stand R76, R. Schwartz Indoor Centre, Rockhampton
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About Us

Kentmaster is a world leader in the meat industry.

We manufacture tools that are a reliable, high-performance choice for processing plants around the world. Used daily in dozens of different industries for lamb, beef and pork slaughter and meat processing, this tool is designed to be outstanding in durability and longevity. 

From blade sharpening all the way up to heavy-duty water treatments, Kentmaster’s products are thoroughly tested and proven to improve safety levels while optimising operational efficiency. 

With its hardened blades and intuitive designs, Kentmaster has been a trusted favourite among slaughterhouses since its inception and is sure to remain a staple in modern-day production facilities.

In Australia, we also provide premium equipment for game meat processors.

These include buffalo, kangaroo, crocodile, wild pig, rabbit and camel. When using Hydraulic and electrical equipment, including Pneumatic (air) tools we cover all voltage types.

Our range includes:

  • Brisket and splitting saws 
  • Hock Cutters
  • Carcass Breaking Saws
  • Fat sucker system
  • Electric stunners
  • Stimulators
  • Pneumatic and hand-held stunners
  • Vac San Sanitation system for Carcass cleaning 
  • Clippers
  • Shears
  • Electric stunners

Kentmaster tools provide reliable, efficient, and effective solutions for meat processing. They are the trusted choice among high-production beef, pork and lamb slaughter plants that depend on their cutting tools to keep up with their demanding workloads. 

Kentmaster tools guarantee uniform performance throughout an entire shift, with unmatched precision for repeatable results that meet the highest quality standards in the industry. 

The durability of these trustworthy tools is a major asset to any processing plant, offering maximum value over time. 

With a wide range of products specifically designed for different processes, Kentmaster stands out as a leader in the meat processing industry.