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Hydraulic Beef Head Table-Chisel and Jawbone

Hydraulic Beef Head Table-Chisel and Jawbone

Model: BHT-I

Part No: 1151000

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    • Reduces operator stress and injury.
    • Increase yield due to reduced operator fatigue.
    • Hydraulically powered with air control.
    • Used by major plants around the world.
    • Complete system designed to meet your needs
    • Rated to 250 head per hour.
    • Adjustable operator stand/Consistent product quality
    • Can be used to only pull jawbones.
    • Cheek meat puller option available.
    • Technical Documentation¬†:


    Cutting Cycle Time:250 heads / hour
    Weight:193 kg (425 Lbs)
    Air Pressure:90 psi (6 bar)
    Control Handle Type:Air Control
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