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Pneumatic Air Hock Cutter

Pneumatic Air Hock Cutter

Model: AHC-I

Part No: 6230000

    Product Enquiry

    • Suitable for veal and young beef only
    • Simple design and easy to handle cutter for cutting beef and hog legs at the joint.
    • Dual triggers and anti-tie-down for operator safety
    • Built with non-corrosive materials for cleanliness
    • Technical Documentation :
    • https://www.kentmaster.com/TechnicalDocs/AHC-MAN_D.pdf
    • Balancer 15-20 kg 2.0m drop 995016
    • AHC-I Blade P/N 6230320

    Technical Specifications

    Weight:20 kg (44 Lbs)
    Blade Opening:3.5″ (90 mm)
    Air Pressure:100 psi (7 bar)
    Control Handle Type:Dual Trigger / Air
    with Anti Tie Down
    International Website