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Pneumatic Pork and Beef Scribe Saw

Pneumatic Pork and Beef Scribe Saw

Model: SC-550

Part No: 6210000

    Product Enquiry

    • A lightweight, heavy duty tool for accurate scribing of pork without bone splinter and miscuts.
    • Can cut through tough bone quickly for greater productivity with ease
    • Incorporates an adjustable stainless steel depth gauge
    • Constructed from stainless steel and heat treated aluminium for durability, ease of cleaning, sanitary operation and reduced maintenance cost.
    • Technical Documentation :
    • Balancer 2-4 kg 2.0m drop – 995003
    • Blade 5.5″ 120 teeth -4000610
    • Blade 5.5″ 65 teeth – 4000630
    • Blade 5.5″ 60 teeth skip tooth – 4000640
    • Air hose 12 feet – 7310600


    Weight:2.7 kg (6 Lbs)
    Blade Diameter:5.5″ (140 mm)
    Blade Speed:1950 RPM
    Motor Power:0.9HP (672 Watt)
    Air Consumption:30 CFM (0.85 m3)
    Air Pressure:90 psi (6 bar)
    Control Handle Type:Single Trigger / Air
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