Pneumatic Roto Hide Cleaner

Pneumatic Roto Hide Cleaner

Model: ARHC-1

Part No:6220050


  • Light-weight air operated tool for cleaning of mudballs and dirt from the hide.
  • Specially useful during winter months where dirt and mud freezes on hide.
  • Reduces contamination on carcass during hide pulling process. Can be used with vacuum system to reduce and collect hair and dust.

Technical Specifications

Weight:3.6 kg (8 Lbs)
Blade Speed:1950 RPM
Motor Power:0.9HP (672 Watt)
Air Consumption:30CFM (0.85 m3)
Air Pressure:100 psi (7 bar)
Control Handle Type:Single Trigger / Air

Equipment and Accessories

ARHC-1Pneumatic Roto Hide Cleaner6220050
BladeARHC-1, Wheel Assembly6221180
BalancerBalancer: 4-9 lbs (2-4 kg), Travel: (2.0m) p/n 995003
Technical Documentation