5-10th May we are on BEEF WEEK Stand R76, R. Schwartz Indoor Centre, Rockhampton
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Koma Electric Stunning Systems

Koma Electric Stunning Systems

Model: There are 4 models to chose from and 4 styles of tongs to suit to ensure accurate stunning

Part No: K0001

    Product Enquiry

    Koma’s designs allowed the launch of our latest models STZ 6 (K0001) and STZ 7 (K0016) The STZ 6 is a modern, high-tech device with a built-in DVR and memory card.The device is designed not only for stunning pigs but also poultry, small cattle, rabbits, sheep and fish.The new KOMA sp. z o.o. STZ 7 allows the implementation of a modern animal-stunning device that ensures operator safety and animal welfare concerns by recording all use that can be downloaded to a PC.Spare parts available for the consumables such as the tong grips.