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Building Abattoirs / Slaughterhouses and Consulting to the Meat Industry

Red meat abattoirs are premises used in the slaughtering of abattoir animals for human consumption.

This includes buildings and holding yards.

It does not include premises used in the slaughter of poultry, rabbit, ratite or crocodile meat – see non-red meat abattoirs

Red meat includes meat from bovine (cow, ox, buffalo), bubaline (antelope), camel, caprine (goat), cervidae (deer), ovine (sheep), porcine (pig) and soliped (horse) species.

Licensing, registration

Skills & knowledge

Construction & facilities

Hygiene & handling

Food safety controls

Inspections & audits

Legislation & standards

Food Standards Code & user guides- external site

Slaughter of animals sold for human consumption (NSW Department of Primary Indu…