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Essential Butcher Equipment: Kentmaster’s Product Range Guide

December 8, 2023

There’s Plenty more equipment Hitting the Market.

Butcher equipment is a wide-ranging, all-encompassing sector that demands perfection from the small boning knife to major machinery for processing. This encompasses knives, saws, grinders and slicers, among other specialised appliances.

For any butcher, knives are the most basic but essential tool. These are intended for slicing and sectioning meat, and a wide range of knives are available. 

Kentmaster Australia prefers Giesser knives. The company was formed back in the 1700s and has been an industry-leading blade manufacturer ever since. With premium metal and ergonomic handles, you’ll cut like a pro.

Other cutting edges are needed for bones and tough meat. A band saw is a tool used in the cutting of meat as well as bones, and it can easily cut even large sections.

Grinders are used to grind the meat in different textures suitable for sausages, burgers and others. They range from small hand-cranked models to large industrial grinders.

Specialised Equipment 

Specialised equipment includes meat tenderisers, vacuum sealers, and meat mixers. The first meat tenderisers are used to separate tough muscle fibres; the second vacuum sealers help to wrap meat for storage. Meat mixers are machines that are generally used to incorporate spices and other ingredients into ground meat for sausages or any other form.

The right chemicals are crucial for any butcher who wants to produce quality products in an efficient and safe manner.

In this article, we will look at what essential equipment is on the market, what role Kentmaster plays and what new technologies we expect to see integrated in the coming years.

A List of Critical Tools

On the other hand, processors of meat require various implements to enhance their efficiency. Here are some of the most essential ones, from knives in Australia to meat grinders, and their benefits:

Meat Cleaver

A separable heavy knife separates the meat into chops and slices it. Its heavy blade makes it effortlessly slice through the bones and cartilage.

Butcher Knife

It is a utility knife ideal for trimming meat, cutting joints, and dividing large bits of meat into smaller, manageable portions.

Boning Knife

in other words, it is a knife for cutting bones out of meat. Its narrow blade makes it easy for the bistoury to work around bones and cartilage.

Steak Knife

There are times when it becomes difficult to cut through cooked meat, a perfect example being steak. Steak knives are specifically designed to ensure a smooth cut through your steak. 

Sharpening Steel

This is used to make knives sharp and keep them in good condition. There are many different types of knife sharpeners and Kentmaster stock quite a lot of them. 

Meat Saw

This type of saw is used and cuts through big bones and large slabs of meat. It is particularly beneficial in the case of processing high-volume meat.

Meat Grinder

It is employed in the mincing of meat into small bits. This is perfect for sausage and ground meat.

These are just some of the basic tools that a butcher uses. A trained butcher must use these cutting tools correctly to process meat properly.

Kentmaster’s Butchery Range

Simple Knives to Heavy Machinery

Kentmaster focuses on meat processing tools and equipment for the meat processing industry, including abattoirs, slaughterhouses, boning rooms and butchers. The range includes the following categories:


Kentmaster has a range of knives for skinning, boning, trimming and slicing. Made of high-quality steel, the knives use ergonomic handles, offering a comfortable and safe gripping. 

Among them are the Giesser brand from Germany, renowned for its resilience and razor sharpness. Kentmaster also supplies knife sharpeners, steels and holders.

Butcher and boning tools

Other tools provided by Kentmaster for butcher and boning operations include hooks, saws, cleavers, scissors, and pliers. Besides, the tools are designed to be strong enough, dependable and have appropriate powering mechanisms. 

They are capable of processing different kinds of meat, including beef, pork, lamb and chicken. Kentmaster also supplies protective equipment, such as gloves, aprons, and boots, to ensure the safety and hygiene of the workers.

Abattoir equipment

Kentmaster makes and delivers abattoir and slaughterhouse machinery such as stunning, splitting, breaking, sanitation, etc.

The equipment is well designed to be humane and effective and provide hygiene. These are required in order to process meat in large volumes, whereby the loading and sorting of meat does not have to be done manually. 

2023/24 Butchery Technologies & Trends the Latest to Hit the Market

• Generative AI for meat product design: A generative AI is an artificial intelligence that develops new and original content like images, text or sounds with reference to the provided data as well as models. Generative AI in Meat Product Design – for instance, to shape new meat product shapes, texture and mouth feelings and such like the audience you are targeting or based on market trends or production limitations. Moreover, generative AI may facilitate individualisation and customisation of meat products. For instance, it can enable the role performed by the consumer to be opened up, such as being able to design their own hamburger online or in a shop.

• 3D printing for meat production: 3D printing is a procedure of making three-dimensional objects by laying deposits on materials to follow the digital model. 3D printing, based on a digital recipe and bioprinter, can be used in meat production, that is, plant-based, cell-based or hybrid meat products. Other benefits of 3D printing include, among others, limiting wastage and enhancing uniformity as well as creative making of meat products.

• Nanotechnology for meat preservation: Nanotechnology refers to the design and synthesis of materials with new properties and functions by utilising building blocks that possess between 1 and 100 nm in one dimension. It can be applied in the preservation of meat by using nanosized particles, coatings, or sensors to enhance shelf life and quality as well as safety aspects.


Today, butcher equipment in the meat industry is generally moving on a high note with various new trends and technology. Kentmaster has always led in this and will not only make outstanding, long-lasting hardware themselves but stock the best products worldwide for each country they operate in. From knives in Australia to dehairing machines and PPE, everything is covered. .