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a butcher holds a big peace of meat gifts for butcher

Unique Gifts To Remember

Buy butcher gifts online with us here at Kentmasters.

A well-thought-out gift can be unique and mean a lot for birthdays, Christmas, and other occasions.

People often form a strong and long-lasting emotional bond with kitchen items and accessories. Often these items are collected over many years or, in some cases, handed down from generation to generation.

That kind of bond is where family recipes are shared, and coveted memories are talked about around the dining table, especially at Christmas time, birthdays or even a good old Sunday roast.

So often, a skillfully crafted, quality, durable knife or kitchen set can be an overlooked gift by some yet coveted by many and become a special gift that will remain in someone’s household for years to come and have a unique story behind it. Avid home cooks will have some items they owned that they went that extra mile to save up to help them on their culinary journey. With a chef’s knife, you form a special bond. Like an artist and their paintbrush, knife skills are an art form and are taken seriously by any aspiring chef. So butcher gifts can not only be an appropriate gift but really take someone’s culinary skills no a new level, a crossroads someone will never forget. An individual knife, knife set or a prestigious culinary set can significantly add to anyone’s kitchen collection this Christmas and beyond.

Our Gift Ideas

Butcher gift ideas are unique in their own right, and here at Kentmasters, we supply the industry’s best and most sought-after items that can be used for many special occasions.

Often we are asked for advice on gift ideas for butcher knives and what we would recommend by companies big and small for staff members as monthly or annual performance gifts and even for staff retiring after many years with them.

You can add a personal touch to a gift, and we will include your message accordingly. Just inform us of what you want to be written on the gift card, and we’ll make it happen!

Well, we have rounded up our best butcher’s knife gift ideas and culinary sets so you can get ahead of the Christmas shopping crowd and prepare a few pressies just in time for the holidays or any other special occasion.

Buy Butcher Gifts Online – We Send Anywhere, on Demand

a butcher holds a big peace of meat gifts for butcher

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the 3 most essential knives to buy as a gift?

If you are looking for the perfect culinary gift for an aspiring chef or just an old hand in the kitchen, then to cover all bases, look for a butcher’s knife, a serrated knife, and a paring knife would have you covered; they would even stand good gifts for butchers! Of course, many other knives make preparing meat easier and enjoyable, but these are a good staple and a place to start.

Can I use a butcher knife for everything?

Yes. A butcher’s knife is the main utensil for cutting your steaks and other meats and doubles up as a general utility knife. For example, all of our Giesser knives and butcher knives can be used for chopping vegetables and trimming meats and fats, but guess what – you can even cheat on a Friday night and use them to cut through that hot pizza with your 6-pack!

What type of knife do butchers use?

Well, a skilled butcher will use an array of knives for different meats and cuts of meat. Butchers use traditional butcher knives, carving knives, cleavers and boning knives. They also utilise breaking knives, paring knives, bread knives, fillet knives, steak knives, utility knives and chef knives.

What is the difference between a boning knife and a filleting knife?

Boning knives are used to separate meat from their bones. Whereby Filleting knives are utilised mainly for filleting fish.

Here at Kentmaster, we take pride in our gift section and rest assured, when you shop with us, the person on the receiving end of one of our gifts will cherish these for many years, if not a generation to come! Please see further details for packaging and delivery.