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Innovation Spotlight: Kentmaster’s Newest Knives for the Australian Market

December 26, 2023

Kentmaster doesn’t take it lightly, stocking a maker in the 1700s.

The Noticeable Upturn

During the past few years, Australians have gone mad for buying knives and knife sets in the country. The home cooking market has exploded onto the scene and therefore, business plans have changed both with manufacturers and suppliers in each state. 

This trend is attributable to several factors. TV and Internet cooking shows are more popular than ever, while high-quality knives of all kinds have been made abundant in the marketplace like never before.

So we will take a look at the market and then describe in depth the knives that Kentmaster sells – Giesser. They have been famous since the 1700s, so it doesn’t get much better than that! We also look at a selection of knives and what their uses are. So let’s begin…

Home Cooks Looking for Premium Knives and Knife Sets

More and more Australians are investing in high-grade knives for use at home. 

The right knife can help you prepare, present, and even eat your food better than a low-quality one would allow. 

The most popular types of knives in Australia include skinning, meat, kitchen and butcher.

Kentmaster and Giesser

Kentmaster was determined to supply Australia with one of the world’s premium brands in Geiseer knives. A Giesser knife is a thing of beauty but perfection.  Ergonomic handles are built using the latest technology and razor-sharp steel using manufacturing techniques that are nearly 250 years old—all of the needs of Australian chefs and home cooks.

This level of craftsmanship is ideal for home cooks and is used much higher up the processing chain. Kentmaster made a decision with Australia knives – it was going to be Giesser all the way!

Australia’s increasingly knife nature generally reflects the country’s love of food and appreciation for fine craftsmanship and Giesser knives deliver. 

Butchers, Abbatiors and Slaughterhouses

In the meat industry, particularly in butchery and abattoirs or slaughterhouses, precision cuts are of extreme importance. 

Therefore, high-quality knives must be used. Here, professional workers using knives cut the meat off bones and separate them in a quick flick. Each cut is precise, and there’s no waste.

The use of the finest knives in these settings cannot be overemphasised. It is necessary to have a sharp and well-designed knife if precision cuts are required and worker safety is considered. 

Knives that are dull or poorly designed increase the risk of accidents and injuries, which in these high-pressure environments can be quite serious.

What’s more, quality knives can speed up the above operations. Properly designed and made from good materials, knives tailored to specific tasks can reduce waste while raising productivity. 

Not only does this help the business’s bottom line, but they are also very sure that high-quality products reach customers.

In the meat trade, every cut has to be spot on: There is no margin for error. This requires the use of suitable knives. To survive the demands of their work, skilled workers must have knives made for special purposes from materials that can take a minute-by-minute beating.

By purchasing the finest knives possible, butchery, abattoir, and slaughterhouse businesses can optimise their operations to provide customers with products of the highest quality.

Kentmaster ONLY Sells the Best on the Market: A Closer Look at Specific Knives and Their Uses

Founded in 1776, Alfred Giesser Messerfabrik is now one of the leading suppliers of machine knives, industrial knives, and high-precision machine components. 

The company is also known for:

  • Innovative Knife Design
  • Application Consulting
  • High-performance Tool Steels 
  • Sustainable Manufacturing Practices
  • Employing Ergonomics Into Their Designs

So, let’s have a look at the products that Giesser offers the meat industry:

• A Butcher Knife

They are super sharp, ergonomic, and have long edge retention. These are for cutting, trimming and separating meat like butter with Giesser.

The curved blade on these knives is particularly well suited for rapid and accurate skinning of animals. Giesser designs them in different shapes and sizes to suit all kinds of skin and your workflow. 

• Cleavers

The good old clever, everyone is familiar with. Big, thick, wide, heavy blades also allow them to chop through bone like celery. They are ideal for chopping, cutting and segmenting large hunks of meat. Due to their weight, a lot of R&D went into the ergonomic handles to reduce the strain of a long shift if you are a meat processor. 

• A Boning Knife

With a slim, pliant blade for cutting meat off the bones and tendons. These must be designed with different lengths, shapes and edge types in mind as not every bone, tendon, or knuckle is the same, so they become multi-purpose for all kinds of meats and cuts.

• Filleting and Skinning Knives

Thin and flexible in the blade, these are precisely the knives to cut through fish or poultry. These are for a skilled user with knife handling experience as they are more on the finesse side. It is designed for skinning, boning and fat trimming, as wastage isn’t an option at the start of the chain.

• Kitchen Knives

These knives are very useful for a professional chef and someone at home. They go through grilled meat and crunchy hides with their saw-toothed edge easily. The handle again is ergonomically designed to be soft and comfortable to hold, and it is a two-component.

NOTE – Let the knife do the work!


A market leader for the last 200 years, Giesser is first in its industry because it has a long tradition of quality, creativity and customer satisfaction. Rather than selling Australia knives, they went with history and experience. Using the finest materials and employing state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, they make knives of legendary quality and performance with extreme durability. In addition, they provide an expansive array of products tailored to the meat trade’s particular needs and tastes.