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Innovations in Meat Processing: Exploring Kentmaster’s Butcher Solutions

November 21, 2023

Australia’s agricultural sector and economy rely on meat processing equipment and the industry. This involves slaughtering and dressing the carcasses of cows, sheep, goats or pigs and processing them for ready sale..

In Australia, the industry is strict with animal welfare, and products must be healthy for humans.

This means that collapsing some of these plans will leave a big percentage of people from rural areas without jobs since they usually have a high number of employees. It is also one of the world’s largest meat products exporting industries to China, Japan and other markets, including the USA.

Innovations in the Meat Industry of the 21st Century

The introduction and development of different thinking in meat processing has been evident since the last century. Here are some of the key innovations and their impact:

1) Automation and robotics: Automation and robotics technology have become prevalent in meat processing plants in firm efforts to boost efficiency, cut labour costs and enhance food safety. These robotic systems can, thus, be set to perform meat cutting, sorting and packaging a large volume of product quickly and accurately.

2) Precision agriculture: With the development of precision agriculture technology, farmers can maximise livestock growth and health, leading to healthier meat. Precision agriculture employs data analytics, sensors and other technologies to monitor and manage livestock health, nutrition and production.

3) Improved food safety: The meat processing industry has taken measures to improve food safety, including improved sanitation, enhanced testing and monitoring for foodborne pathogens, and new technologies such as cold plasma to kill bacteria.

4) Environmentally sustainable practices: The sector has also achieved major advancements in environmental mitigation, such as using renewable energy, water saving and reducing waste.

5) Packaging innovations: Packaging innovations have allowed meat products to last for more days, thus reducing the level of food waste and improving shelf life. New packaging materials and technologies such as vacuum sealing and modified atmosphere packaging have enhanced food safety.

Kentmaster Australia’s History and Butchers Solutions

Kentmaster Australia is a dedicated supplier of tools and equipment for the meat processing industry. Since 1996, they have been consulting and building slaughterhouses, abattoirs and meat processing facilities around the world. 

Supplying quality products and services to abattoirs, slaughterhouses, and butchers in Australia and around the world, with offices in the following countries:









Thus, we could say that they constitute a significant stake in every part of the field, including consulting, manufacturing processing plants, and delivering specific equipment needed by various businesses.

They provide a variety of items, including strippers, splitters, crackers, hygiene tools, consumables and aftermarket support. These are associated with Kentmaster Manufacturing – a global meat industry pioneer that has existed since 1948.

Kentmaster Australia brings many benefits to the meat processing industry, such as:

Improving meat processing efficiency and productivity.

Kentmaster’s tools and equipment are engineered for durability, high performance and user-friendliness. 

They cover major machinery down to everything PPE, butchery equipment and the finest selection of knives for each part of the process. 

Tools and equipment of Kentmaster Australia could cut down on the labour costs, time and energy involved in retrieving and processing meat.

Enhancing the Safety and Quality of Meat Processing

The tools and equipment made by Kentmaster Australia are resistant, long-lasting, as well as sanitary. 

They can help prevent or minimise the dangers of injuries, accidents and damages associated with heavy, sharp and hazardous knives 

They can also prevent meat from being contaminated by dirt, dust or other foreign materials that would make the meat lose its value and quality. The tools and gear of Kentmaster Australia can foster the cause of safety and quality. 

With a range of vacuum packing solutions, they ensure the meat is fresh and pristine when moving on. 

Mitigating the environmental impact of meat processing

The company manufactures its tools and equipment based on environmentally friendliness and sustainability principles. This can be achieved by increasing their meat reusing and recycling capabilities, which can minimise the demand for natural resources in the form of water, land and energy.

In addition, the latter can minimise waste and pollution aspects of meat processing, including greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, odours and pathogens. The tools and types of equipment they stock can support environmental sustainability in the meat processing industry.


The industry has seen a complete overhaul in the past two decades, and it has been for the betterment of the industry as a whole. With more efficient and advanced meat processing equipment and machinery, productivity has become faster and safer.  The animal is slaughtered more humanely, and that makes a major difference to the result you get on your plate at a fancy restaurant or even what you pick up from your local supermarket.