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Kentmaster Australia at the Beef Australia Trade Expo

May 29, 2024

At Kentmaster Australia, we again made our mark at the Beef Australia Trade Expo. 

This event, a significant gathering in the Southern Hemisphere, was enriched by our unique contributions, showcasing the best and latest technology and machinery available for the beef industry.

The Beef Australia Trade Expo recently saw record attendance, with a surge in ticket sales and over 600 international delegates representing 35 countries. 

It’s a platform where industry leaders, including companies like ourselves, share knowledge, network, and display our products and services to a global audience.

The expo provides a strategic opportunity for businesses like ours to Australia to engage with a wide range of stakeholders, from local producers to international buyers, and to stay ahead of the latest trends and innovations in the beef industry. 

With our expertise in not only consultancy in building abattoirs and slaughterhouses but also providing every piece of equipment needed to be successful, we played a major role in the event. 

For us, this event was a strategic move to highlight our expertise, showcase our equipment, and expand our market reach.

The Beef Australia Trade Expo is a commercial hub and a cultural festival celebrating the cattle culture with various activities and programs that attract diverse visitors, from industry professionals to the general public. 

It’s an event that underscores the importance of the beef industry in Australia and its impact on the global stage, and we were proud to play a major role in an extremely ground-breaking event.