Boning Hook, 5.5″ Node Hook with bend. T310 PLAS

SKU: 992001


Stainless Steel boning hooks come with various easy handle grip in various sizes for use in abattoirs, butcher shops & boning rooms. Improves worker safety.

51/2″ Node Hook with bend. Qualtiy American made product that will stand up under the most demanding uses in the meat industry. All Boning Hooks are made of stainless steel and hardened to a spring temper. These hooks are guarenteed to handle the heaviest of lods without bending, breaking oer taking a set. the way the hook is shaped provides excellent balance for the user and makes the task at hand less strenuous. *Popular handle designs for the meat industry, * Bright Orange Handles, * Work well in slippery conditions, *Stainless steel hooks, *Hooks are hardened to a spring temper. Reduces the spread of contamination.