Chef’s knife Santoku “Mano” 19cm (218269 sp 19)

SKU: 4132080


Chef’s knife Santoku “Mano” 19cm.

  • Blade made of high quality chrome molybdenum steel
  • Matt polished
  • Classic Santoku blade shape
  • Holes reduce cutting resistance
  • With additional deflector on the blade
  • Supports the pressing cut
  • Soft shell, hard core for secure hold
  • Good knife guidance
  • Easy on the wristsBlade made from high grade chrome molybdenum steel, hardened in vacuum process to 56 – 57 Rockwell hardness grade.
    The matt-polished cutting edge offers optimum rust resistance. Thus, every knife is sharpened perfectly from the very beginning and the final sanding or fine honing is done by hand.

    PrimeLine 21

    The special feature of this knife, apart from the high quality finished blade, is the handle.
    It is made from two components. The inner red core is solid and gives the handle stability. The outer layer is made from particularly soft plastic.
    Together with the special surface, this handle ensures fatigue-free and very slip-resistant work. The handle always fits well in the hand.

    The plastic handle is suitable for contact with food and complies with the requirements of the following legal regulations (each including all amendments and in the current version at the time of making this declaration):
    Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 on materials and objects (including active and intelligent food contact materials and objects), intended for coming into contact with food and repealing Directives 80/590/EWG and 89/109/EWG – in their currently valid version.
    Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 dated 14.01.2011 on materials and objects made from plastic intended for coming into contact with food.

    The knives are dishwasher proof. However, we recommend manual cleaning to protect the cutting edge.

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