Meat Workers Pack 2

SKU: 999-MWP2


Butchers pack level 2 for all their needs


A. BONING KNIFE, SCALLOPED EDGE, 15CM,STIFF GIESSER – BLACK HANDLE (2515WWL 15) 6″. Curved and narrow blade for work that is ergonomic and gentle on the wrist.

The blade shape, above all, facilitates the drawing cut. Rust resistant.

B. Highly polished surface for highest possible rust resistance and durability of the cutting edge. Honing by hand for ergonomic, perfect blade sharpness.

  • Chrome Molly Steel
  • Curved Shape
  • Polished
  • Scalloped Edge
  • 25cm
  • Black Plastic Non-Slip Handle

C.SHARPENING STEEL , GIESSER “STANDARD CUT” ROUND , 31CM – (9924 31). A quality steel used in conjunction with a sharpening stone can help maintain the edge and

sharpness required to easily perform the cut required. Medium-fine Grooves, Hard chrome plated and rust resistant, Suitable for all knives with a smooth cutting edge.

The Giesser sharpening steel 9924 31 has a round profile and plastic handle for secure use. Sharp ening steel by Giesser made in Germany.

D. DUAL POUCH , SHEATH, KNIFE SCABBARD. , knife pouch, scabbard comes in a two piece construction for easy cleaning, designed by meat workers for the meat industry with

hygienic construction with no sharp edges to collect/hold contamination. Reinforced holes for longer life and special notches to hold/locate knife handle. long lasting plastic construction and Australian made.

E.  Stainless Steel belt – fit to any size – strong- Food grade approve.

F. Euroflex Green Standard wrist glove stands out thanks to its excellent fit and high functionality. It protects the hands from cuts and stitches and is available in different cuff lengths or without a cuff at all.

The snap fastening system enables you to pull the glove on and off with ease. simply turning this glove inside and out allows the glove to become the opposite hand.

Euroflex five finger Chain Mesh Gloves provide protection from cuts and stictches and are ergonomic. Available all sizes.

G. Grit Combination sharpening stones, are great for maintenance on butcher and boning knives and maintaining the knife edge in conjunction with a quality steel. 150/450 GRIT oil based.

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