Boning Hook with Left Hand Centre. T326 PLHC

SKU: 992027


Stainless Steel boning hooks come with various easy handle grip in various sizes for use in abattoirs, butcher shops & boning rooms. Improves worker safety.

5 1/2″ Hook, Left Centre, Hammer Handle 1/4″. Quality American made product that will stand up under the most demanding uses in the meat industry. All Boning Hooks are made of stainless steel and hardened to a spring temper. These hooks are guaranteed to handle the heaviest of loads without bending, breaking over taking a set. the way the hook is shaped provides excellent balance for the user and makes the task at hand less strenuous. Reduces the spread of contamination.

  • Popular handle designs for the meat industry
  • Bright Orange Handles
  • Work well in slippery conditions
  • Stainless steel hooks
  • Hooks are hardened to a spring temper.