Tuhti Small and Medium size Washer and Disinfecting Machines (BY P/O ONLY)

SKU: PES-Tuhti


Rapid water heating Tuhti machines wash the gloves, knives and machine parts perfectly clean and disinfected at +85ÂșC for maximum hygiene. A total of 15 spinning spray heads circulate water effectively throughout the wash cabinet for the ultimate cleaning result. Advanced washing and circulation systems allow better space utilisation and increased capacity.

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Perfectly clean and disinfect mesh gloves, knives and tools with the Pesutekno washing system. Wash program times (app. 9-65 min) are designed to clean and disinfect for instance during lunch breaks. There are 4 programs available. Programs are designed for reliable disinfection of tools, boards and machine parts to excellent hygiene standards. Rinse cycles at the end of the program to secure a clean and safe washing result. Additional detergent pump option for washing aluminium items.