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Balancers Tecna

Tecna logo

Tecna Balancers are pivotal in the meat processing industry. They are robust and designed to counterbalance the weight of a butcher tool, rendering it weightless.

At any level of meat processing, if you work with meat processing equipment, slaughtering equipment or abattoir equipment in general, Tecna balancers will make life easier. 

Foodline balancers prevent muscle fatigue and strain, giving much-needed rest to hands and arms, leading to more comfortable and productive work.

Workers can perform tasks faster and more efficiently with less effort trying to move the butcher tool around. This leads to increased production, less fatigue and saves money.

Tecna Foodline balancers are a sound investment for anyone in the meat processing business. They offer many benefits, such as:

  • Improved Safety
  • Comfort
  • Productivity
  • And Organisation

Kentmaster offers a full range of Tecna balancers: Zero-gravity and Retractors

Butcher holding a meat saw which is holding by Tecna balancer

Here are the key differences

Tecna zero

Tecna Zero Gravity

Use your instrument without feeling its weight.

The load maintains the position where you leave it.

Tecna Retractors

Use your instrument with minimum effort.

When released, the load will return to its resting position.

Tecna video
Tecna zero

Materials the Tecna foodline balancers are made of

Tecna zero

Zero-gravity balancers

  1. Stainless steel outer components – Resistant to rust
  2. Aluminium housing with Rilsan high resistance treatment against oxidation and chemical aggression of soaps and detergents.
  3. It simplifies cleaning and sterilisation of the surface.
  4. Food grade Lubricants with NSF-H1 certification
  5. Corrosion-resistant internal components made of stainless steel
  6. Stainless steel rope
illustration element divider

Spring Retractors

  1. Its housing is made of aluminium with hard anodising treatment – resistant to oxidation and chemical aggression
  2. Stainless steel outer components resistant to rust
  3. Food grade Lubricants with NSF-H1 certification
  4. Stainless steel rope
Tecna balancers

Tecna foodline balancers are available today at Kentmaster Ireland

Call us at 353 505 23292 for free detailed advice on selecting and operating Techna foodline balancers.