Bolero Aprons: Superior Protection for the Demanding Meat Processing Industry

The Bolero protective apron is designed with the highest quality materials and construction to ensure maximum protection and durability.

They feature robust straps with quick-release buckles that are adjustable for a perfect fit.

The chain mesh material is highly abrasion-resistant, making it an ideal choice for meat processing, abattoirs, slaughterhouses and butchers.

With its strong anti-static properties, it protects against dust, dirt and grease while providing comfort to the wearer.

Its lightweight design ensures easy movement and flexibility when working in challenging environments.

Bolero protective aprons provide superior protection against cuts and stabs in the chest, shoulder, abdomen, upper thighs and upper back.

They are fitted with an extra layer of plating over the chest area to offer maximum security when facing potential hazards.

With its reinforced edges and durable construction, this apron is effective at providing robust defence against sharp objects while still allowing freedom of movement.

The ergonomic design ensures optimal comfort and performance during extended periods of wear.

It is the ideal choice for demanding working environments that require maximum safety, comfort and flexibility.

Here at Kentmaster, our stock of Bolero aprons covers all facets of the meat processing industry, so browse our collection today and find the perfect solution for the industry requirements.