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Our Knives are of the highest quality German-made Giesser products.

Giesser is world-renowned for crafting award-winning knives. Butcher Wolfpack, won the World Butcher Challenge 2022 in Sacramento, California. The German team's triumph adds to their previous accolade of the PARTNER Chefs Trophy 2018.

Established in 1776, Giesser has grown to become a prominent supplier of premium knives and accessories globally. The Giesser factory in Winnenden produces over 8,000 professional knives daily, with a product catalogue of over 2,500 forged and stamped knives and accessories for the food processing industry.

Sustainability is central to Giesser's business philosophy, with its production processes designed to minimise environmental impact. All waste steel is recycled entirely, with some melted down and reused.

Coloured plastics are also recycled, with black plastics created as an excellent option for handles. Giesser is proud to be at the forefront of sustainable production methods.

Professionals understand there can be NO MISTAKES in this industry. Nothing beats Giesser knives.

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